CTS Construction specializes in home repair. Whether you have a simple task like a dripping faucet or need a window replaced, or maybe some outdoor chores you’ve lost the time to do, we’ll get it done. We’d love to make your to-do list ours! The CTS family has been satisfying customers in Eastern Michigan and surrounding communities for over 20 years.



Installation Services    

 Mirrors, Pictures
Vanities, Counter Tops
Window Treatments
Doors & Windows
Garage Door Openers
All Appliances



Plumbing Services      

Sinks, Faucets
Replace Toilets, Seats
Sump Pump Service
Water Lines, Traps
Lawn Sprinkler Repairs
All Minor Repairs



Electrical Services  

 Replace Outlets
Lighting Fixtures
Ceiling & Attic Fans
Telephone & Cable
Smoke Detectors
Outdoor Lighting



Other Services

Caulking & Painting
Gutter Cleaning
Carpentry Work
Tile & Grout Repairs
Weather Stripping
Mail Boxes & More!


Contact Us, CTS-Construction, Satisfaction Guaranteed! Licensed, bonded and insured.